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What Coronavirus
Means for Digital

SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing has never been more important

As Coronavirus spreads throughout the world, many people and businesses are wondering how their business will be affected by the pandemic and what can be done to minimise disruption.

Kleo Digital and many of our clients have also been wondering this, so rest assured you’re not alone. We’ve been monitoring trends and believe that in recent weeks and in the weeks to come, digital marketing has never been more important. With many of you now working from home, people are glued to their phones and laptops, working (or at least supposed to be) for over 8-9 hours per day.

We’re all starting to see and feel the impact of office closures and companies telling staff to work from home. This can be frustrating, but it can also present businesses with a new opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers.

As internal business meetings, B2B interactions and live events are cancelled to help stop the spread of the illness, a lot of interactions are being brought to the online world via blog posts, searches in Google, website visits and social media platforms.

Many people are looking for updates online about how your business is, what precautions you are taking for staff and customers and how they’re likely to be affected.

Here are a few points to consider in this current time and how you can use digital marketing as a business:

Provide a digital customer experience and communication – Keep your customers and followers updated on what’s happening throughout your business, whether or not your shops are closed and what precautions you’re taking – how it might also affect your customer service response time and dispatch time.

Full-funnel customer approach is the most important at this moment – How its currently shifted from physical interactions, shop visits and phone calls to more email and live-chat based work for your business. Customers will be looking to complete the entire transaction process online or as much of it as they can. Provide reassurance to your customers and followers about potential change in upcoming days, but also consider shifting your offerings so your customers are able to complete as much as they can online throughout the next coming weeks, without physical interaction.

Thinking of ways on how to talk to your customers virtually – social media, blog posts and news updates etc. – Using digital marketing, communicate with your followers and think about how to reach those looking for a business like yours.

SEO takes time – We all know that Search Engine Optimisation takes time and endless work to see satisfying results. Now is the prime opportunity to be working and taking up digital marketing for your business to be on page 1 when businesses are getting back to normality.

Don’t change your goal, change your plan – Many businesses may be wondering what to do in this time of uncertainty. We recommend that you don’t turn your marketing off, but simply adapt to these times and customer’s needs. Whilst some companies may opt to halt their marketing efforts, this can give your business an advantage and leap frog the competition. Your goal is to still simply achieve marketing results and conversions, but change your plan to fit with your customers needs and requirements..

Taking a proactive stance and embracing this virtual shift will have a few positive effects. It will minimise the number of calls from concerned customers, as their questions will have been answers and fears allayed before having to contact you. It will also reassure your customer that you’re proactively contacting them and not simply sitting back and ignoring the problem.

If you’d like to follow the guidance for employers and businesses on the UK Government website. Link is: UK Government Guidance for Employers & Businesses regarding Coronavirus

In light of the seriousness of the situation, we’re offering a free/complimentary consultation with no obligation to work with us. We want to make sure you’re prepared to communicate online.

Stay safe.