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User Interface

UI is the graphical layout out of the website which determines the look and feel. Our designers have impeccable pixel precision and a real eye for aesthetics.

User Interface Design London

Adapted to the specified target audience, our designers create simple, intuitive designs that give the ability to the user so they can find what they're looking for as quick as possible. By prototyping and testing we create beautiful, functional websites.

Difference to UX

Whilst UX is the structure and the skeleton of the website, UI design defines the graphical elements of the structure, giving it a unique look and feel. Our designers not only are creating how the website looks, they are able to create the interaction and presentation of the product.

User Interface

The Kleo team are trusted with the transference of all of the brand elements when creating the look and feel of the website to really visually enhance the experience of the user. UI is a crucial step in creating the visual interaction with the user.