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Patching &

We offer full support packages which include updating your website with all the latest security patches to keep your data safe

Website Maintenance London

With our team proactively maintaining each and every one of our WordPress sites, it offers you complete assurance that your site is keeping up to date with Wordpress’ latest security updates which drastically decrease your chances of your website being prone to hackers.


Along with our servers offering a high speed and performance, they also provide daily back ups of our all of our websites so that you can have peace of mind that your website data or content won’t be lost.


Along with the performance and maintenance that we offer with our packages, we also provide support for the unlikely event that all of our updates throw out your website in any way and that it’s corrected straight away its constantly running.

Security Updates

The team actively updates all plugins and Wordpress versions once a month so your website is always completely up to do and secure, which saves you the tedious task of continuously updating your website and fixing any errors that this might cause.


We know how important you website is to your business, so our maintenance packages ensure you that your website is performing it’s absolute best, 100% of the time. Our team makes sure that your website is always running fast and secure from hackers at all times.